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@ In The West, New Brunswick, NJ


Live on WFMU!
Here's the link to download for free and/or listen to a
HUMAN ADULT BAND live set as aired on WFMU's 'What Was Music?' on December 13, 2017

Live on WKDU!
Here's the link to download and/or listen to
HUMAN ADULT BAND 'Fever & Squall: Live at WKDU' as aired on WKDU's 'Sonic Randezvous' on December 18, 2019


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If ordering from EUROPE, check out Phase! Records. Phase! is a fantastic label located in Athens, Greece, well worth checking out for their own releases. They also carry some Human Adult Band releases, so if you're in EUROPE, you could save on shipping by ordering our stuff from them.

Also if you are a really BROKE BOHEMIAN / PUNK in th' U.S. and have access to a record or tape player but no money for our recordings, write to us. We will probably send you free music. Really, we will.

Available music & stuff by


"Slog Quest Crosstime"
(Feeding Tube Records)

LP Record w/ download code (200 Made/full color jacket with insert liner notes)

Our full length Feeding Tube Records debut. Some cow punk 'singles', a lethargic death rocker, a couple metalic with a groove long jammers. This album resplendent in noise and th' weird, but it's th' most 'rock' to date..and our band telepathy seems to have gotten better fer sure. Some of you older folks may recognise some reworked riffs, but there are def a lot of surprises and a lot of new material. Guest appearances by friends from Sad Tomorrows, Resounding No and th' Ergs! Outstanding early weird cartoon meets 80's toys art from Jaime Rvrs Mrcy and a magical drawing from Justin Mank. If you want to get yr copy from us, don't sit on it we only got 50 copies (and it may crack or smudge if you do).

$25(postage paid in the U.S.)

"In Bed Early"
(Already Dead Tapes & Records)

Cassette Tape w/ download code (100 Made)

Summer Dresses are a New Jersey based trio, featuring members of Human Adult Band. 'In Bed Early' is a noisy collection of live no wave and noise rock captured on the East Coast a decade ago. The three improvisations that comprise the EP are dynamic and sprawling, at times groovy and subtle, at others harsh and unhinged. There's a timeless rockin' quality to these recordings that makes 'In Bed Early' an effortless, highly enjoyable listen, despite its abrasive nature.
Stream, purchase tape and download here: Already Dead Tapes
or order it direct from us:
Various Artists

"Skunk'd Gunk"

Cassette Compilation (120 Made/Sealed O-card packaging / yellow cassette shell)

Freak folk, primitive, no wave, lo-fi, garage, noise & drone tape. Skunk'd Gunk is th' sixth 'Gunk' Tape compilation, featuring th' finest & strangest artists that have been in contact with Human Adult Band/d.i.h.d. over the course of the last year (of isolation), including musicians from Headroom, Cerberus Shoal, quit and so on. This Gunk comp has mostly exclusive jams by: Big Blood(ME), Syko Friend(CA), The Nolls(FIN), Drums Like Machine Guns(PA), Jim Schmidt(NJ), Wasnt Wisnt(PA), Stefan Christensen(CT), PSIRENS(NM/NY/CT) & Human Adult Band(NJ). Art work by Alina(PA). Grasp a tape now. Th' gunk moves fast. We don't plan on reissues.

$10(postage paid in the U.S.)
Human Adult Band
"Weird Mirror"
(Nostorca Tapes)

Cassette Tape (w/ download)
(limited to 100 copies/Stamped liners/Nice smell)

New Jersey basement gunk slingers get wild and free. Bass noise eulogy, bookstore backroom skree stomp destruction, weird moaning, amp sitting corner staring mold rock.
Get it here: Nostorca Tapes

Earthworm / Human Adult Band
"Happy Horrordays"
(dihd Records)

7" record (w/ download code)
(Includes Horrorday Greetings Card/limited to 200 copies)

Split 7" between Earthworm and Human Adult Band. Earthworm is post-punk / noise rock with a heavy beat. Earthworm does 2 Hallowe'en season rippers. The inspiration for the lyrics of Earthworm's 'A Very Important Discovery' came from the mad scientists scenes in classic Universal Pictures horror and sci-fi films. On 'Beastly People', we're not sure what D. was shouting , neither was he, but it was frightening. The Human Adult Band track 'Rusty Roll of Quarters' is Human Adult Band's stab at an X-Mas tune. It was recorded for an exclusive debut on Jon Solomon's 25 Hour X-Mas special 2016 on WPRB, Princeton, NJ. Justin Mank wrote and slurred the lyrics on this one. Right before recording it, he told us the music should sound like an early Lou Reed tune. So, art rock, maybe, post-rock / noise rock, for sure.

$8 (postage paid in U.S.A.)
Download here:
Happy Horrordays Single download

Another Holiday gem, can be found here:
After the Fall 'Totally Tired (Of Xmas)'

Human Adult Band
"Sonic Enlightenment"
(Third Uncle Records)

LP (w/ download code)
(Color vinyl/limited to 300 copies)

The A side of this strange 2018 LP is a 14 minute jammer take of 'Easton Ave Laundromat' featuring a 7 piece Adult Band. The track features bass thru a smooth Franken Ampeg B-15 flip top, a few gnarly guitars, ice age flute, lap steel & two drummers (King Darves is back in th' band!) The B-Side features get-on-the-freak-bus noise rock odds and ends captured on tape from 2011-2015. Side B includes an instrumental tribute to our favorite Florida skuzz-bonk scene. "Human Adult Band is the type of outfit that still gets me excited about delightfully odd music...distinct blend of no wave, experimental noise & fearless originality." explains Rich Quinlan of Jersey Beat. "Don't let anyone tell you that New Jersey ain't freaky" -Matt Korvette. "No investment in musical history, or markets, or the pleasure of the listener. It's only interested in pursuing the compulsions of it's own weirdness" -Jonathan Shaw, Dusted.

$20 (postage paid in U.S.A.)
Download here:
Sonic Enlightenment album download

Human Adult Band
"Peace Sign" T-Shirt

Human Adult Band peace sign logo on front and dihd records logo on back. White ink on black t-shirt. Professionally screened. Pls specify small, medium, large, extra large or double extra large.

$15 (postage paid in U.S.A.)
Specify Size
Human Adult Band
'Hearing Damage Sessions'
(Heat Retention/Third Uncle Records)

(download code included/limited to 500 copies/hand silk screened jackets)

"New Jersey's finest, Human Adult Band, unleashes a brilliant new 9 song LP with sludgy, propulsive noise oozing from every track" writes Jason Henn of Honey Radar. Rock-a-Rolla Magazine(UK) exclaims,
"[These are] some seriously ugly tunes." Terrascope explains "volume should be set to eleven...come to love everything about its chaotic, scuzzy charms."
$12 (postage paid in U.S.A.)
Download here:
Hearing Damage Sessions Album Download

Human Adult Band
'Samantha' (3rd Uncle Records)

7" Record
(download code included/limited to 500 copies)

Th' A side is the heavy and wobbling 'Samantha' jam. Backed with 'Samantha' Song Poem by seminal art punk rocker, Jad Fair, of Half Japanese. "[It's] such a corker" exclaims Byron Coley in WIRE Magazine. 'Recommended for sure' by Animal Psi Blog.
$8 (postage paid in U.S.A.)
Download here: Samantha Single Download

Pots & Powercells / thee Yets
(dihd records)

Split Album Download

Jams by two new weird Jerseyana bands. Both Pots & Powercells and thee Yets have a smooth freak folk rolling living room vibe. Mulitple members of Human Adult Band, quit & AOI.

Sample, purchase and download here


Here are some other out-of-print singles for download:

Human Adult Band "Trash Pickin'"
Trash Pickin'(w/ bonus track)

Human Adult Band (featuring Wendy J. Hyatt)
I Don't Wanna Know / Take It Off

Human Adult Band / Big Blood
Ain't No Hallowed Ground / Half-Light Blues

Human Adult Band 'Mugwort & Sage'
Mugwort & Sage EP (3/4th of EP on youtube)


Interviews w/ Human Adult Band:


Amplitude Equals One Over Frequency Squared

T Penn (of Adult Band) interviewed about pop-punk days on 'This Was The Scene' Podcast


Some of the stores that carry Human Adult Band & related items:

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Coming Soon-ish:
  • Human Adult Band 'Dog'
    (Third Uncle Records) Lathe 7"er/DL
    Old '09 tour recordin's of 'Hearing Damage' era line-up coverin' Stooges and Scratch Acid. Yeah, they're...all messed up.
  • more and more gunk


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